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Press Release: OGP CSO Coalition recommends Commitments in the frame of OGP National Action Plan 2014-2016


Tirana 28 March, 2014: A Regional Conference was held on “Open Government Partnership: Challenges and Opportunities 2014-2016”. This conference comes as part of the consultative process the Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration, in the role of OGP National Coordinator in Albania is undertaking with the civil society organizations, in drafting the OGP Action Plan 2014-2016.

Participants in this conference were high level representatives of public administrations, civil society organizations, the Diplomatic Corp in Albania, experts, civil society organizations from the western Balkan countries.

Problematic issues identified by the monitoring process of the formulation and implementation of the previous action plan were:

  1. Lack of consultation with civil society, private sector, and interested stakeholders during the drafting and implementation of the Action Plan
  2. The commitments undertaken in the Action Plan have not had deadlines for the implementation, responsible institutions, allocated budget and measuring indicators for success.

The main result of the conference was a package of recommendations and suggestions from the Civil Society, on the commitments the government should undertake in the Action Plan 2014 – 2015.  You can find the list of recommendations here.