Pozcione Vakante

Për momentin nuk ka pozicione pune të lira. 


Tiranë, më 17/02/2021 – Hapje procedure tenderimi me objekt “Ofertë blerje Kompjutera…

THIRRJA E PARË PËR PJESËMARRJE PËR PROJEKTIN – Instrumenti i Shoqërisë Civile kundër Korrupsionit…


SELDI Joint Internships Programme in Good Governance and Anti-Corruption

The Southeast Europe Leadership for Development and Integrity SELDI is re-opening its Joint Internships Programme in Good Governance and Anti-Corruption. University students from all spheres of social sciences and humanities are welcome to apply. Interns will have the opportunity to work with leading researchers, policy analysts, investigative journalists, and advocacy leaders from the countries of Southeast Europe on anti-corruption and good governance. Candidates can apply to IDM Albania or one of the 12 other member organisations.

If you are interested, please fill in the internship application form.