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CVE Resource Center

CVE Resource Center

The phenomenon of violent extremism has been in the focus of IDM work since early 2014 through a number of initiatives aiming to map and analyse the phenomenon, develop knowhow, resources and models for its prevention at national and community (local) level in Albania and also in the western Balkan region. In July 2015 IDM published the first baseline assessment study on religious radicalism and violent extremism in Albania which served to state and other CVE stakeholders in the country to develop strategies and approaches to counter and prevent violent extremism. Since 2015 onwards IDM is heavily invested in developing community actions to counter/prevent violent extremism in close cooperation and partnership with religious communities, local government authorities, education institutions, civil society, media and other influential players.

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Based on this experience IDM is actively contributing in the framework of other national and regional initiatives through its expert resources, knowhow and C/PVE capacities.

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This C/PVE Online Resource aims to help practitioners, experts and community stakeholders to develop actions and initiatives on prevention of violent extremism and strengthening of community resilience.

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It is designed as an “open-source” which will be updated through relevant information and practices submitted by C/PVE stakeholders in Albania. Click to download the C/PVE Online Resource.