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LEADER Approach

LEADER Approach Development

IDM’s approach to support Local Action Group as tripartite partnership between the public, private and civil sectors – puts local people at the heart of their local community development through designing and implementing an integrated local development strategy.

While in EU there is a wealth of experiences on LEADER initiatives, unfortunately in Albania there is a poor understanding by stakeholders towards an endogenous model of rural development based on bottom-up participatory approaches such as LEADER.  While experience has shown that LEADER can make a real difference to the daily lives of people in rural areas across Europe, Leader in Albania is not a governing visionyet by relevant stakeholders.

Public and non-public actors need knowledge about LEADER approach, capacities and know how to embark on partnership building and drafting local development strategies. To this end, IDM is one of the most active organizations in Albania promoting the local development through the LEADER approach. A series of events, publication of surveys and policy documents, organisation of workshops, conferences and advocacy initiatives and implementation of LEADER type initiatives have been in focus of IDM work aiming at contributing to the promotion of the LEADER approach.

Recently, IDM initiated and supported the establishment of the Albanian Rural Development Network (, with a mission to promote community-led rural development and LEADER approach through advocacy and initiatives on policy development.