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Announcement of the Establishment of “AL-GARD NET”


Representatives of nine civil society organizations operating throughout the territory of Albania launched the Albanian Network for Gender Agenda Empowrement in Rural Development, AL-GARD NET. The AL-GARD NET Vision is for women in rural areas to have a strong and equal voice in the decision making, entrepreneurship as well as in all social and integrating processes of the country.

The Mission of AL-GARD NET is to promote mainstreaming of gender agenda and to contribute to women empowerement in rural areas. The Network activities will ensure that women, particularly women in the rural areas, will have greater control over their own lives, key issues and exercise their rights and opportunities to participate in local, national and regional policy making processes to address their legal, economic and social independence.

AL-GARD NET is an umbrella-type organization, based on mutual interest, which will contribute and find the support of all stakeholders involved in the process of strengthening and enhancing the role of women in rural development in Albania.

AL-GARD NET is open to all stakeholders operating in Albania whose activity embraces the mission of the network, such as organizations and civil society initiatives, public institutions and / or local, private sector representative organizations, academic institutions and international organizations.


  • Institute for Democracy and Mediation
  • AULEDA – Agency for Local Economic Development
  • Gender Alliance for Development Center
  • Tjetër Vizion
  • Women Center “Light Steps”
  • Useful to Albanian Women /Albanian Community Center Network
  • Women’s Network “Equality in Decision Making,”
  • “Refleksione” Association
  • “Agritra Vision”

AL-GARD NET is now open for new members, inviting and encouraging active local and national organizations with focus in gender issues, to be part of this initiative. 

For further information, Please don’t hesitate to contact the AL-GARD NET Secretariat at:
Institute for Democracy and Mediation
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected] Tel/Fax: (++ 355 4) 2400640

The AL-GARD NET is established in the frame of “Gender Agenda for Rural Development – GARD” project, funded by the European Union (