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Knowledge Hub | Police Integrity and Corruption

Integrity building both as a means to increasing the overall performance of the public administration and fighting corruption has been in the focus of research and advocacy activities of IDM.

Here are the latest publications related to the integrity building of the State Police.

  • Police Officers Recommend (2021)  EnglishAlbanian
  • Blueprint: Strengthening Albanian State Police Integrity and Accountability (2021) EnglishAlbanian 
  • Policy Paper: Working conditions and corruption tolerance among Police Officers in Albania (2020) EnglishAlbanian
  • Monitoring Report on the Police Vetting Process 2020 EnglishAlbanian
  • On the role of public accountability meetings of the “triangle” police-municipality-prosecutor office on crime prevention and public safety (2019) English
  • Assessment Report on State Police Ethics and Integrity – hypothetical scenarios with police officers (2019) AlbanianEnglish

The spiral cycle of the “triangle” cooperation – a policy innovation to fight against crime at the local level

Public and police perceptions | Police integrity and corruption in Albania (2014-2020)


Police integrity 2020

Police integrity 2016

Police integrity 2014

]Integriteti policor 2020

Integriteti policor 2016

Integriteti policor 2014


Infographic Series


Infographic series of the public/police perceptions: English | Albanian 


Newsletter “Integrity-Accountability-Partnership” No. 9  (January 2021)

–     Albanian version

Newsletter “Integrity-Accountability-Partnership” No. 8 (November 2020)

–     Albanian version    |    English version

Newsletter “Integrity-Accountability-Partnership” No. 7 (June 2020)
–     Albanian version    |    English version
Newsletter “Integrity-Accountability-Partnership” No. 6 (March 2020)
–     Albanian version
Special Edition|Newsletter “Integrity-Accountability-Partnership” No. 5 (January 2020)
–     Albanian version    |    English version
Newsletter “Integrity-Accountability-Partnership” No. 4  (October 2019)
–     Albanian version
Newsletter “Integrity-Accountability-Partnership” No. 3 (April 2019)
–     Albanian version
Newsletter “Integrity-Accountability-Partnership” No. 2 (February 2019)
–     Albanian version
Newsletter “Integrity-Accountability-Partnership” No. 1 (November 2018)
–     Albanian version