Newsletter: Integrity-Accountability-Partnership | March 2020

Newsletter “Integrity-Accountability-Partnership” 

This newsletter aims to inform on the experiences and to raise awareness, promote debate and influence the policy makers for more effective policies to strengthen integrity and fight against corruption in the State Police. Our, experience so far shows that the local institutions, namely the police, the municipality and the prosecution have fully supported this multi-stakeholder approach.

The following numbers of this newsletter will provide articles on international good practices on the co-operation of the Police-Mayor-Prosecutor. The newsletter will also be a new experience for all the readers in the introduction of the methodology and practice of building an integrity plan for the State Police. Through this support, the State Police is the first institution in the country that is piloting an Integrity Plan.

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The newsletter is published under the framework of the project “Building integrity to improve performance and sustainability of anticorruption in the Albanian State Police” supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.