About IDM

The Institute for Democracy and Mediation – IDM, was established in November 1999 as a non-governmental organization dedicated to consolidate participatory
governance and democratic institutions, Euro-Atlantic integration processes, civil society development, regional cooperation and security through independent research, capacity building and engagement of societal players.

Starting as a relatively small organization in the first years, from 2005 onwards IDM has increasingly developed as a think tank organization actively contributing to reforms and development processes in six key areas – Governance and public integrity; Security Sector Reform; EU accession process; Local governance and integrated development; Civil society development and advancement of applied research.


Inform, Develop, Motivate for a democratic and prosperous society. IDM provides expertise, policy analysis, applied research, and capacity building for key societal actors to drive reforms and engage in evidence-based policy processes.

Our choice of activities to achieve the strategic objectives is an effort to go beyond one time delivery projects. They form part of a continuing struggle to strengthen shared values and efficient interactions across the broad spectrum of societal stakeholders.


Our mission is to advance societal capacities, generate and provide knowledge, skills and expertise for inclusive policy making and evidence-based alternatives to bolster democracy and sustainable development.



By combining the advantages of a knowledgeable think-tank and a resourceful operational non-governmental actor, the Institute’s expertise extends in the following thematic areas:

  • EU enlargement process with a specific focus on Western Balkans’ accession;
  • Human capital development, management and result oriented performance;
  • Sustainable integrated development with particular focus on EU development policies;
  • Good governance, decentralization reforms and inclusive policy processes;
  • Consolidation and development of civil society sector as a powerful actor to generate broad consent, values and positive change;
  • Security sector reform and specialized studies on security issues.

IDM delivers a broad range of services as follows:

  • Education and capacity building services specifically tailored for individual target groups, needs and thematic interest;
  • Advancement of studies, approaches and methodologies for applied research most notably in relation to IDM’s traditional focus areas (e.g. EU / integration processes, development etc.);
  • Research, policy design, analysis and assessment of policy processes, as well as advocacy for evidence-based alternatives to improve governance and sectorial policies;
  • Consultancy and assistance to institutional building and result oriented performance for public authorities, national and international civic and private institutions;
  • Design and implementation of large-scale information and awareness campaigns; Developing advocacy strategies and programs on the basis of public opinion preferences and analysis of stakeholders’ attitudes.

IDM expertise and services are employed by a broad range of actors, such as decision makers, central and local state actors, foreign assistance missions and international organizations, civil society, media and academia.


The following reports present a detailed picture of IDM’s yearly implemented program activities and finances.

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