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Security Research Forum Belgrade-Prishtina-Tirana: A Series of Publications

Albania – Kosovo Defence cooperation Serbia-NATO defence cooperation  Police Cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia Albanian Minority Representation at the Serbian Ministry of Interior: Progress and Remaining Challenges  Integrated Border Management, Best Practices and Applicability – The Case of Kosovo and Albania Police Integration in North Kosovo: Progress and Remaining Challenges …

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Monitoring the process of drafting the crosscutting decentralization and local governance strategy 2014-2020

This is the third policy document that IDM issues in the framework of decentralization reform seeking to present the level of government openness in the course of drafting and discussing the Crosscutting Decentralization and Local Governance Strategy 2014- 2020. The document is elaborated by dimensions pursued during the monitoring work, specifically, …

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Civil Society and EU accession

The process of transforming “civil society involvement in decision making and EU accession” into a meaningful mechanism that serves to improve capacities of societal actors and citizen driven reforms does not seem yet to reflect on “past mistakes”. Efforts must look deeper in the local context and move beyond sporadic …

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