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National Workshop “One State, One Police”

Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) within the framework of the institutional reforms undertaken during the recent months by the new governing majority in the area of policing will organize on Friday, the 8th of November 2013 at the premises of “Tirana International”,the national workshop “One State, One Police”. 

This activity aims to enable an open discussion of high representatives of police forces, inspectorates, police syndicates and different actors aiming to encourage a constructive debate on the future reform for organizing the police according to the “One State, One Police” principle.

The initiated reforms at State Police have brought as a necessity the re-organization of the and reconstruction of police related services considering the large number of law enforcing agencies for controlling and enforcing the law in related areas during transition period.

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Consequently, the need for reviewing the legislation and for improving the institutional practices in this area require that the process is submitted to a deep analysis and an inclusive consultation process in order to draft a plan for efficient management of the transformation process of the police structures in line with the principle: “One State. One Police”.