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Vilson Blloshmi

Project Assistant

Address: Shenasi Dishnica, Nd. 35, H. 1, 1017, Tirana, Albania

Vilson Blloshmi has completed his bachelor’s studies in Political Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tirana. Additionally, he finished his master’s studies in Public Administration at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana. He is engaged in causes of public interest and has participated in both national and international training programs. He joined the IDM team as a Project Assistant with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) project, following a one-year experience in public administration at ASLG-MI.

His areas of interest include local governance, decentralization models, good governance, anti-corruption efforts, institutional ethics, and integrity. He has also been involved in drafting and monitoring various public policies within local government institutions, particularly related to anti-corruption initiatives at the local level.

He is proficient in English and possesses intermediate knowledge of the Italian language.