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Open Call for: Online Campaign Branding Services for Youth Participation in Parliament | Deadline 25 February 2024

Terms of Reference

Online Campaign Branding Services for Youth Participation in Parliament


The Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM), in collaboration with the Albanian Institute of Science and Citizens Channel, is implementing the project “Increasing Parliament’s Responsiveness to Citizens’ Concerns” with financial backing from the British Government. The project aims to amplify the parliament’s efforts in fostering an enabling environment for substantial civic engagement in political and legislative processes in Albania as a means to promote public interest and build trust.

For decision-making to be truly representative, it needs active involvement from all, especially young people. Not only do young people form a considerable portion of Albania’s population, but their involvement in politics significantly shapes the future of democracy. Despite this, research indicates a concerning lack of engagement among Albanian youth in politics.[1] While there is a notable interest in participating in decision-making processes, actual involvement remains low, with a significant portion expressing distrust in parliament. [2]

However, there is optimism in harnessing the potential of youth to drive Albania towards integration with the European Union. It’s crucial to actively engage young people in decision-making processes, particularly in areas like education and employment, since these directly affect their lives and future opportunities.

The strategic documents of the Albanian parliament acknowledge the imperative to enhance youth participation. While efforts have been made, particularly through the Parliamentary Institute, concrete actions are necessary to integrate the voices and priorities of young people into parliamentary decision-making processes.

Objective of the campaign

On the occasion of the 104th anniversary of Albanian Parliamentarism, IDM is launching an online campaign to spur youth involvement in parliamentary processes and bring them closer to the parliament. The campaign aims to:

  • Encourage individuals aged 15-25 to submit original short articles, videos, and other creative content addressing their concerns and potential solutions for MPs’ consideration.
  • Provide recommendations to the Parliament to enhance youth participation.

This campaign will lay the groundwork for launching the “Albanian Parliament Week” initiative, based on the UK Parliament Week model, which will be launched in the next couple of months.

Scope of Work

IDM invites proposals from communication companies or freelance consultants to support the design, branding, and production of the online campaign. Key deliverables include:

Proposal on the design, branding, and production of the online campaign.

Implementation of the design and branding, including the production of a brochure and a package of promotional tools for social media and other platforms.

Transfer of all final files to IDM in formats suitable for modification and reuse.


The deliverables are expected to be completed by 5th March 2024, subject to modification based on project evolution and guidance from the project team.

Criteria for Selection

IDM will evaluate proposals based on the experience of the company/consultant, technical expertise, flexibility to meet the proposed timeline, and budget proposal.

How to Apply

Interested bidders should submit their proposals, including qualifications, demonstrated experience, proposed process outline with schedule, and detailed budget proposal to [email protected] no later than 25 February 2024.



[2] IDM, Trust in Governance 2022: