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Factors shaping returnees’ patterns of reintegration in the Albanian labour market  

In recent years, Albania has faced a comparatively large influx of return migration, which sloped significantly upwards in the aftermath of the global economic crisis. Due to the deep recession crisis, the economic situation of Albanian migrant families in the two major destination countries Greece and Italy has suddenly worsened, with unprecedented rising levels of unemployment, resulting in financial hardships. Among those who returned voluntarily, the economic downturn was the predominant reason behind the outward migration.

Regardless of the pull and the push factors that shaped return decisions, almost all the returnees experienced several reintegration challenges, particularly in relation to labour market reintegration. The primary goal of this policy paper is to develop a robust understanding of returnees’ patterns and mechanisms of reintegration in the Albanian labour market.

Click to read the policy paper in English. The Albanian version will be available soon. 

This discussion paper is produced by IDM in the framework of the project: “The Albanian Policy Platform: Moving forward on the EU integration agenda” supported by Hanns-Seidel- Foundation.