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[11 December 2018] Roundtable Discussion: Progress in implementing the Public Administration Reform in Albania 

Roundtable Discussion 

Progress in implementing the Public Administration Reform: Presenting of National PAR Monitor Report for Albania

11 December 2018, Hotel Tirana International, Metropol Hall

Western Balkan (WB) countries have been implementing public administration reforms (PAR) as one of the fundamental reform areas on the path to EU membership and their progress has been regularly monitored and assessed by the European Commission. However, mechanisms to ensure post-accession reform sustainability remain limited and backslide potential is high, as previous enlargements have demonstrated. To that end, strengthening participation of civil society and media in PAR is crucial – by educating and enabling them to monitor its progress, assess its quality and propose new solutions based on evidence and analysis. Based on this rationale, over the past three years, the Institute for Democracy and Mediation in collaboration with other organisations of the regional network “Think for Europe” have implemented the regional project Western Balkans Enabling Project for Civil Society Monitoring of Public Administration Reform – WeBER – funded by the European Union and co-financed by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In this Roundtable, the National PAR Monitor Report for Albania will be presented along with key insights as to how Albania stands in comparison to the Western Balkan countries. WeBER’s monitoring approach, which is based on a common regional methodology, aims to bring the reform closer to the public by focusing on those PAR areas which are of the highest interest to the public and civil society. It builds on SIGMA’s Principles of Public Administration as a cornerstone of PAR, while assessing them from the standpoint of an independently produced PAR Monitor methodology through 23 compound indicators that focus on different aspects of PAR. You can read more on the methodology here: .

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19:30 – 10:00        Opening remarks

  • Gjergji Vurmo, Programme Director, Institute for Democracy and Mediation
  • Nuriona Bërdica, Advisor, Deputy Prime Minister
  • Mr. Stephen Stork, Head of Section for Rule of Law and Good Governance, EU Delegation to Albania 
10:00 – 10:20   Presentation of the main findings from PAR Monitor for Albania

  • Ms. Aleka Papa, Institute for Democracy and Mediation
10:20 – 11:10 The challenges of implementing the Public Administration Reform in Albania

  • Fatmir Demneri, Department of Public Administration
  • Pirro Vëngu, Prime Minister Office
  • Jonida Taraj, ADISA
  • Amarilda Xhyheri, Information and Data Protection Commissioner
  • Gerti Shella, InfoCIP
11:10 – 11:30      Open Discussion