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Developing Grass Root Democracy

Duration:  1 June, 2002 to  31 May, 2003
Project Description: 

Implementation area: Bajram Curri, Laç

Donors: US Embassy; EIDHR program of the European Union delegation

Through public meetings in three neighborhoods of Bajram Curri and other three in Lac, IDM, supported by the respective municipalities, encouraged a process of Community Based Groups election by the citizens in each area. In the projects, the community members got the opportunity to be trained and to design their own problems in projects, to equip themselves with skills, knowledge and tools to work together and change their lives as well as to understand the importance of the community role in the development process.

With the cooperation of the main donors and the Chamber of Commerce of Tirana CBG in both cities undertook mini-projects of development of their own neighborhoods. Years after, the outputs of these mini-projects realized through co-funding and voluntary action of community members are still well-preserved and appreciated by the citizens. The partnership agreements between CBG-s and civic forums in each area with the Municipality leaders were effective after the lifetime of the project. Mayors of Bajram Curri and Lac are continuously replicating the experience. Based on these positive models of community empowering and local government partnerships with Community Based Groups in these areas, IDM is undertaking a well-organized strategy with a national character to reinforce, replicate and reform community- local government cooperation. Our strategy of improving governance and enhancing civic participation and activism in the decision-making process is largely based on these experiences and the partnerships.