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CIVILISC- “Civil society instruments against corruptions”

CIVILISC- “Civil society instruments against corruptions”
The project CIVILISC is implemented by Institute for Democracy and Mediation in partnership with Bulgarian Foundation RiskMonitor in a period of 32 months. The overall objective of the proposal is: “To empower and develop capacities of civil society in disadvantaged areas to promote good governance and fight corruption”.
This project targets 12 small and medium municipalities such as: municipality of Ura Vajgurore, Cerrik, Divjakë, Tepelenë, Libohovë, Devoll, Selenicë, Përrenjas, Lushnjë, Shijak, Belsh, Vorë.

CIVILISC aim to equip a CSOs across Albania, in particular, in remote and underdeveloped areas, with resources and skills so they are able to work in a professional and sustainable way to uphold good governance and high integrity level in the civic and government sectors.

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It is furthermore expected that the activities aimed at the increasing of the role of civil society will produce a multiplier effect, boosting collaboration with other CSOs and with the relevant governmental counterparts.
The CIVILISC project activities are based on three main pillars: Assessment, capacity development and sub-granting.
The assessment phase consisted on the preparation of the preliminary evaluation report on identification of current anti-corruption instruments available in 20 municipalities as well as needs and capacity gaps of local civil society operating in their territory. The findings and recommendations of this report set bases to design a tailored approach for empowering and strengthening local civil society contribution to the fight against corruption and goof governance at local level. Also, based on the data and the findings of this report, IDM selected 12 of municipalities in which were in focus of the next phases of the project.
The capacity building activities consisted on the organization of trainings with local civil society organizations. The trainings focused on organizational capacities of the local CSOs at local level and their role at fighting against corruption. Furthermore, the participants were trained on specific topics such as: Good governance in public spending; citizen’s budgets for transparent municipalities, citizens monitoring in public procurements, etc.

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Trainees got practical skills in elaboration of LGU anti-corruption frameworks, monitoring indicators for assessing the level of corruption risks in municipal activities, impact assessment mechanisms, etc.
The sub-granting component – the Assessment report and its findings suggested that the financial support and capacity developments would be important to empower local CSOs at fight against corruption.
Through the sub-granting period will be supported actions on:

  • Civic advocacy for transparency and anti-corruption practices
  • Civic monitoring of LGUs services and pubic spending
  • Broad public awareness on denouncing corruption

The above-mentions issues/ priorities will be supported through this structure of grants:
– Anti-corruption and capacity development grants

  • LOT 1- These grants will target particularly small and newly established CSOs (which are registered recently or have less than one year of experience). Furthermore, through these type of grants the new local CSOs will develop experience and will build their capacities on anti-corruption efforts at local level. Additionally, these initiatives should be designed and implemented in close collaboration with local community based groups and should reflect concrete interventions within the context of the targeted municipalities. In addition to the priorities on anti-corruption, transparency and civic engagement, these grants will combine also organizational capacity development actions for the applying CSOs.
  • LOT 2- In addition to above mentioned thematic areas, these type of grants aim to support initiatives of CSOs which combine also organizational capacity development for small/ newly establish CSOs.
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    In this regard, the project proposals will aim also to enhance professional and organizational capacities of small / new CSO at tackling, monitoring and engaging broader segments of the society at improving good-governance in local level. Civil Society Organizations applying under the LOT 2 should have capacities and experience at implementing these type of activities.

– Networking and know-how sharing grants. Through this type of grants, potential applicants will be encouraged to be involved in anti-corruption activities as networks.