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Focus Group – Social Trust and Institutional Authority

March 18th 2011

In the frame of the research project ‘Social trust and institutional authority in the Albanian democracy in transition’, on March 18, Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) held the second focus group with eight academia participants. All the participants have been involved in various social and institutional studies in Albania.

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During the focus group, the IDM research team delivered a brief presentation of the research project and the main findings on social trust in public institutions for 2002 and 1998 from World Values Survey.

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 Then the participants were asked to identify the main factors that lead to the correlation:

  • interpersonal trust vs. institutional trust
  • attitudes towards family and institutions
  • life satisfaction vs. political participation and political action
  • fiscal evasion and atypical behavior

In addition to these main topics put to participants at the focus group, a number of other ideas were suggested. The feedback received from the focus group will be analyzed and used to improve the study.

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