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Western Balkan CSOs for Global Development

Donor: Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (SlovakAid)

Duration: 22 Mar 2016 – 31 Aug 2017

This project reflects the EU enlargement process at a time when Serbia and Montenegro have opened accession negotiations and the Former Yugoslav Republics of Macedonia and Albania are EU candidates. In the coming years, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania will need to develop mechanisms and define its policy and development cooperation and humanitarian aid and take 30 chapters of the acquis communautaire concerning the EU’s external relations and responsibility for global development.

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As in the past in Europe, the involvement of Balkan NGOs in this process will be essential.

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This project will interconnect NGOs in the Western Balkans with organizations in the EU13, which recently went through similar processes and prepare them for the implementation of development projects, educational activities and will build the first mechanisms for advocacy activities with local governments and the EU.

In this context, the overall aim of the project is to strengthen Albanians’ civil society, their understanding of global development agenda and their involvement in efforts towards global poverty eradication and global justice.

Project Results include:

Result 1: NGOs in Albania and Kosovo have built capacity in the global development agenda.

Result 2: Albanian NGOs are mobilized and began to integrate within existing development networks.

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 Click here to download leaflet.