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Weekend Lecture Winter Series 2012 “The World of Think Tanks”

Public Lectures – Tiranë

IDM continued the organization of the weekend public lectures in the framework of “Weekend Lecture Winter Series 2012 “The World of Think Tanks”, an initiative supported by FES (“Friedrich Ebert” Foundation) and OSI Think Tank Fund, Budapest. On November 3rd, Orsiola Kurti – Program briefed the audience on the Project cycle management: Needs identification and assessment, while on Oct. 3rd Mr. Goran Buldiovski from OSI Think Tank Fund addressed the participants with the topic “Between research and program fundraising needs”

This initiative aims to provide closer insights from think tanks work to a highly qualified academic community and potentially to facilitate their affiliation with civil society. So far, this series has addressed many important topics such as: evidence based policy research, project management cycle, the role of think tanks, policy cycle and advocacy impact etc.

 The weekend lectures are participants oriented, thus they have been involved in various simulation exercises, working groups and assignments to put into practice the knowledge that was provided by our lecturers.

This has brought a higher synergy within the whole group and improved their skills in accomplishing different tasks.

Moreover, up to date we have had several guest speakers such as: Dritan Shutina, Goran Buldioski, Ditmir Bushati, Juliana Hoxha, Elga Mitre, etc.

They all come from different backgrounds and fields of expertise, but have a long experience working with think tanks. In this context, they shared their knowledge and experience with the participants very professionally.