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Megi Reçi

Civic Space Program Officer/Researcher

Address: Shenasi Dishnica, Nd. 35, H. 1, 1017, Tirana, Albania

Megi Reçi is a civic space program officer and researcher.

Within IDM, she has covered projects on public administration integrity and transparency, anti-corruption, public participation in decision-making, civil society sustainability, cybersecurity governance and human rights.

Before joining the IDM team, she worked for an international organisation in the area of human rights advocacy and engaged in several projects in support of human rights defenders and journalists in Albania and the Western Balkans. Besides, she was involved in various consultancies and research projects concerning anti-discrimination, freedom of expression and rule of law. Megi is also an annual contributor to a number global publications on gender equality and the state of democracy and a member of the Western Balkans Cybersecurity Research Network.

She graduated with honors from University of Tirana, Faculty of Law and holds a Master of Science in Public Law. In addition, she has completed the Benjamin Franklin Fellowship at the Wake Forest University in the U.S. and has received intensive legal training from several European universities.

Megi is fluent in English and Italian and has basic knowledge of Spanish.


Selected publications:

Reçi, M., Kelmendi, S (2022) Bridging the Gap Between Cyber Policy Fragmentation and Human Rights. Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance

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