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Iliada Korçari

Researcher / Project Coordinator (MSc.)

Address: Shenasi Dishnica, Nd. 35, H. 1, 1017, Tirana, Albania

Iliada Korçari works as a researcher and project coordinator at the Institute for Democracy and Mediation, where she focuses on governance and area studies. Her main research interests are nationalism, state-building, and modern and contemporary thought.

She has worked in the public administration cultural policy sector for several years; was engaged as a freelance researcher in different research projects and has been teaching seminars of Nationalism and Identity at the University of Tirana, Department of Political Sciences, since 2015.

Iliada has a double-major in Political Sciences and Public Relations and Communication and has graduated in Political Theory, MSc. and Russian and East European Studies, MSc., being a holder of many scholarships.

She is a proficient user of Albanian (native), English, Italian and Spanish, an independent user of French and basic user of German and Bulgarian.

Selected publications:

Korçari, I. 2010, Feb 10. Kosova si kampi ku gjendja e jashtëzakonshme është bërë e zakonshme [Kosova as the camp where the state of exception has become normal]. Gazeta 5(18), 4-5.

Korçari, I. 2009, Nov 18. Dimensioni spektakolar i politikës sot: Çështja “Marubi” [The spectacular dimension of politics now days: the Marubi Affair]. Gazeta (8), 14-15.

Korçari, I. 2007. A e zgjidhin kuotat çështjen e përfaqësimit? [Do quotas solve the question of representation?]. Gaja (3).