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Elsa Dautaj

Project Officer

Address: Shenasi Dishnica, Nd. 35, H. 1, 1017, Tirana, Albania

Elsa is a Project Officer in the Institute for Democracy and Mediation. She joined the IDM team in August and is responsible for the implementation of local activities and holds communication with Local Government, to support the development and promotion of the “Community Center School” model.

Elsa is specialized in the field of Journalism and Communication. She has extensive experience in civil society since 2016, working as a project coordinator and communication specialist.

Furthermore, Elsa has expanded her theoretical and practical knowledge with a focus on the media, civil society, youth participation in decision-making, gender issues, education and volunteering by participating in training programs, study visits and conferences in Albania and abroad.

In particular, Elsa has in-depth knowledge in Investigative Journalism where she holds the authorship for several articles.