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Summary of the Roundtable Discussion “Sharing Experiences in Police Reform”- November 24, 2023

IDM Albania in cooperation with Kosovar Center for Security Studies – KCSS organized on November 24, the discussion table on the sharing of experiences in Police Reform.

Guaranteeing the independence of the police from politics, police integrity and ethics, the effectiveness of internal self-regulatory mechanisms, the external supervision of the police were the main focus of the debate.

The main points of discussion were:

  • Mechanisms for the selection of officials in security institutions should be based on competition (criteria and skills) rather than relying on political appointments.
  • The need for further improvement of internal police mechanisms for strengthening integrity was highlighted.
  • Monitoring the implementation of integrity plans should be a priority in order to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Strengthening external police oversight contributes to good governance.
  • The reforming experience of the Kosovo Police makes this institution one of the most trusted in the country.

This bilateral discussion Albania – Kosovo took place with the participation of Mr. Julian Hodaj, Deputy Minister of Interior in Albania, Mr. Mefail Bajqinovci, Deputy of the Assembly of Kosovo, as well as representatives of the Kosovo Police, the State Police, senior representatives of the ministries relevant, corruption prevention agencies, police oversight agencies, experts, journalists and independent organizations.

Download the Summary of the discussion here.

This initiative of IDM and KCSS will continue with bilateral meetings every six months with rotation in Tirana and Pristina.