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Security Policy and Capacity Building for Security Sector Institutions

DurationFriday, 1 February, 2008 to Saturday, 28 February, 2009
Project Description: 

Donor: DCAF, Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed

The Institute for Democracy and Mediation has continued its partnership with DCAF – Geneva Center for Democratic Control of Armed Forces and in the past two years has delivered a series of trainings and workshops in the area of security. Particular attention has been dedicated to security sector reform, the national security strategy, institutional tional capacities, as well as democratic control of security sector institutions.

DCAF support and expertise has been particularly essential and has therefore largely contributed to the success of a number of programs and initiatives of IDM – Workshop on the National Security Strategy, Regional Summer School, series of trainings with State Police, Intelligence Services etc.

Through the support to the newly established
IDM Center for Security Studies (2008), DCAF has enabled also the success of a number of publications such as Security Issues Quarterly, EU Home Affairs Review, a series of policy briefs on security related matters etc.