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Networking for Participatory Rural Development

Networking for Participatory Rural Development

“Consolidating the role of Albanian Network for Rural Development toward a functional model of bottom-up and participatory perspective in national rural agenda” is a 32-month project, funded by the European Union[1], which has started its implementation in February 2018.

The project is being implemented by the three founding and most active member organisations of the Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) and builds upon their shared vision of civil participation in the rural policy making. Institute for Democracy and Mediation leads the implementation of the action, in partnership with AgriNET and AgroPUKA.

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The action seeks to enhance the impact and the involvement of CSOs and CSOs Network (and other rural stakeholders) in advocating and influencing the design and implementation of rural development policy in Albania.

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  The overall goal will be achieved through:

  • Strengthening institutional and organisational capacity of the ANRD and its constituents for sustainable and participatory rural development;
  • Empowering the role of the ANRD through multi-stakeholder partnership forums at regional level;
  • Promoting evidence-based rural policy-making;
  • Undertake bottom-up and participatory advocacy platforms at regional and national level to advance the interests and priorities of rural communities.

“Due to the action, the Albanian Network for Rural Development and its constituents will represent a crucial actor in a number of concrete initiatives and processes that advance rural communities’ interests and accelerate the rural reforming processes toward EU positive development models and practices.”

Specifically, the envisaged projects’ activities will enable the platform of the Rural Parliament to reach out the entire country and its decentralization into four regional rural parliaments. The journey toward the 2nd rural parliament, will involve ongoing efforts to consolidate the role of the ANRD, to empower the non-public sector; to establish multi-stakeholder and inter-sectoral partnerships, as well as to carry out studies and researches in the sector. This advocacy initiative aims that reforms and decision-making processes effectively address rural areas developmental problems.

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[1] IPA Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2016- 2017. Support to Civil Society Organizations capacities


Project kick-off “Networking for participatory rural development”12 April 2018

Public debate on national agricultural and rural development policies – 12 February 2019

Inside the Travelling Workshop “Partnerships for Sustainable Rural Development” – 18-19 July 2019