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Report | Police integrity and corruption in Albania 3.0


January 2021 – A comparison of the public and police perception on corruption in the State Police consistently shows a gap between what is perceived by the general public and what police officers perceive themselves. Over time the perception of corruption, as measured by survey results, can be plotted as an inverted U-shape, with corruption perceived as improving between 2014 and 2016, and slightly deteriorating in the 2020 survey.

This report aims to support the anti-corruption efforts of the Albanian State Police by:

  • understanding the public perception of police corruption and identifying the main factors that lead to corrupt practices;
  • taking opinions from respondents within the State Police on corruption and the factors, be they legal, institutional or cultural, that lead to corruption in the police force; and
  • assessing the situation regarding corruption and drivers of corruption over time, by identifying areas of progress or regression.

Click to download the reports:

Police integrity 2020

Integriteti policor 2020

Infographic series: English and Albanian

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This study was conducted in the framework of the project “Building integrity to improve performance and sustainability of anti-corruption in the Albanian State Police” supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The objectives, proper implementation and results of this project constitute the responsibility of the implementing organisation – the Institute for Democracy and Mediation. Any views or opinions presented in this project are solely those of the implementing organisation and do not necessarily represent those of the Dutch government.