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Policy Paper | Waste management in Albania: An opportunity to demonstrate commitment to EU | May 2019

May 2019 – Waste management is one of Albania’s biggest environmental challenges, along with water and air pollution, land degradation, and biodiversity loss. In 2011, the government drafted an ambitious National Strategy on Waste Management that aimed to align the country’s legislation in this policy field to EU regulations. However, recent investments in the development of three waste incineration plants have raised serious concerns among environmental experts, civil society activists, local communities, as well as European Commission, because these type of systems release hazardous carcinogenic and toxic chemicals that pollute the air, water, and soil. Thus, building these incinerators can have serious implications for public health and the environment in Albania.

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In addition, the planning and construction of these plants have been non-transparent, possibly rigged, and not in line with international standards. This paper contends that the Albanian government has an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to EU integration by reconsidering its current approach to waste management.

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By prioritising recycling over incineration, Albania can show that it is serious about fulfilling the obligations of EU membership deriving from Chapter 27: Environment.

Click to download the original version of the policy paper in ENG and ALB

*On May 22nd 2019, IDM organised a roundtable discussion with Albania’s most renowned experts on waste management and environment, including Sazan Guri, Lavdosh Ferruni, Mihallaq Qirjo and many others. They provided valuable feedback on the paper and presented unpublished information on urban waste management in Albania.

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Based on this new information, the authors revised the policy paper.

Click the link for the revised version in Eng.