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OpenALB: A government and civic partnership in fighting corruption and promoting good governance

Donor: US embassy Albania: Democracy Commission Small Grants Program

Duration: 12 months

Overall Objective

The overall objective of OpenAlb is to foster inclusive, accountable and transparent governance and policy-making through enhanced civil society expertise and strengthened dialogue and structures for dialogue between civil society and government within the framework of the Open Government Partnership.

Specific Objective

To empower civil society to analyze, monitor, and engage in, more effective and transparent policy-making, and to foster CSO-government co-operation on the Open Government Partnership, including citizens’ engagement around setting OGP action plan commitments.

Upon completion of the project, the estimated results are:

Result 1 – An enabling environment to intensive communication and consultation between government and civil society has been established and mechanisms for transparent and participatory governance are in place.

Result 2 – Local Government Units (Shkodër and Fier) and respective grass root organizations are informed, their capacities have been strengthened and mechanisms to adopt the OGP platform and undertake concrete OGP commitments with a focus on anti-corruption are in place.

Result 3 – The Albanian OGP CSO Coalition will increase in numbers and its advocacy efforts on advancing good governance principles will be strengthened