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Night Owl Session on “Credible Voices on Preventing Violent Extremism”


The Night Owl Session on “Credible Voices on Preventing Violent Extremism“, organized by IDM on May 31st, 2017 at “The cloud” Installation; gathered youngsters, representatives of religious communities, representatives of high schools in Tirana, parents, lecturers, artists, journalists, civil society activists that discussed and shared ideas on this issue. This Night Owl Session included four main panels:

  • Facing Violent Extremism – Challenges and Commitments
  • Important actors in preventing violent extremism in schools – The role of women, young people, parents, teachers
  • Talking religion with youth
  • Countering Violent Extremism through art

Participants and panelists in this activity emphasized inspiring examples on the forms and areas in which youth and the community can engage in promoting the positive values ​​of society. The Night Owl Session was carried out in the frame of the project “Amplifying credible voices against violent extremism” supported by the US Embassy in Tirana.