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IMD researchers attend Belgrade Security Forum – 2013

IMD researchers attend Belgrade Security Forum – 2013

International Conference, Belgrade, 19-21 September 2013

IDM senior researchers Arjan Dyrmishi and Foto Duro participated in the annual meeting for the third year in a row, in the international security conference in South Eastern Europe – Belgrade Security Forum. The event took place from 19-21 September with the participation of civil society representatives from the region, governmental institutions, academics and independent experts.

The Event was hosted by three partner civil society organizations – Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, European Movement in Serbia and Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence. The theme of the Fourm was “Is the State under (De) construction? Risks and Responses from the Balkans and Beyond”.


The conference consisted in a series of plenary panels and simultaneously organized thematic sessions.

The conference wwas opened with academic event “Transformation of the State and the profession of international security”.

 The participants were also researchers engaged within the project, as well as emerging scholars and professionals from the region, Europe and America selected on the basis of policy papers and criteria defined in the Call for Papers.

The list of speakers and participants of BSF 2013 included more than 200 high-level national politicians and international officials, influential experts, researchers and opinion makers from both sides of the Atlantic, as well as key foreign policy and security leaders from the Balkan region.