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Developing Model of Transparency program for local government

Developing Model of Transparency program for local government

IDM is engaged and committed to support the implementation of the legislation on the right of information and public consultation at local level through developing and making operational  a standart Model of Transparency Program and Measurement System of Transparency and Accountability for  local government in Albania.

Such assistance will provide to municipalities standard tailor-made instruments which will ensure the disclosure of information of public interest in a timely and efficient manner and regular measurement and reporting of the level of transparency of each municipality. The adoption of the both instruments at local level is expected to improve the level of transparency and accountability of local government in Albania.

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This technical assistance is implemented throughout 2018 (January – December) and supported by the “Consolidation of Territorial and Administrative Reform – STAR 2” Project, being implementing by the Albanian Government in partnership with the United Nations Development Program – UNDP in Tirana.

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STAR 2 project has been made possible through the support and cooperation with the European Union, the governments of Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and USAID.

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