In Focus

Integrity and Anti-Corruption

Integrity and anti-corruption Integrity building as means to increasing the overall performance of the public administration and at the same time as a means of fighting corruption has been in the focus of research and advocacy activities of IDM. Generally, the Albanian public administration has lagged in designing and implementing …

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Evidence Based Policies

Evidence – based policies Recently, IDM has intensified its interest and efforts in the area of evidence-based policymaking. Linking policymaking with evidence leads among others towards the policy effectiveness, improvements of transparency and strengthening of democracy. As a result, IDM works towards meeting the following main objectives regarding evidence-based policymaking …

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CVE Resource Center

CVE Resource Center The phenomenon of violent extremism has been in the focus of IDM work since early 2014 through a number of initiatives aiming to map and analyse the phenomenon, develop knowhow, resources and models for its prevention at national and community (local) level in Albania and also in …

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Civil Society Development

Civil Society Development represents one of IDM’s “traditional” areas of focus under which the Institute has delivered studies, assessments and reports, capacity building, advice and other assistance for civic stakeholders in Albania and also in the Western Balkan region. Focused on empowering civil society and promoting civic participation in decision-making …

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LEADER Approach

LEADER Approach Development IDM’s approach to support Local Action Group as tripartite partnership between the public, private and civil sectors – puts local people at the heart of their local community development through designing and implementing an integrated local development strategy. While in EU there is a wealth of experiences …

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