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Capacity building for the Albanian Parliament in the areas of security and defense

Department:  CESA

When:  November 2013 to November 2014

Project Description: 


Overall goal

The project will aim at supporting the Albanian Parliament in fulfilling its constitutional role in the field of security and defence



  • Enhance the competence and expertise of the MPs for conducting effective oversight of the Security Sector.
  • Strengthen the cooperation among the parliamentary committees with legislating and oversight functions on security sector.
  • Strengthen the partnership between the parliament and civil society.



  • Disseminating knowledge products and good practices.
  • Raising awareness about international norms and good practices.
  • Providing analyses on issues and problems that currently concern the security sector governance in Albania.



  1. Nine thematic workshops focused on the areas:
  2. Financial Oversight of Security sector.
  3. Adopting and implementing National Security Policy.
  4. State police reform.
  5. Oversight of the Armed forces.
  6. Human rights of citizens and security sector
  7. Freedom of information and protection of classified information.
  8. Oversight of intelligence services.
  9. Oversight of the private security companies.
  10. Oversight of special measures of investigation.

At each meeting, MPs will be provided with a package of publications relevant to the topic (handbooks, toolkits, backgrounders and IDM’s publications on security sector reform in Albania).

  1. Final conference, as the concluding event, that will present the lessons learned from a one year experience and the way forward.