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Encouraging Citizen Participation in Local Decision-Making through Creation and Functioning of Local Observatories

Duration:  19 September, 2013 to 1 January, 2014
Project Description: 

This project funded by Open Society Foundation in Albania is implemented by Institute for Democracy and Mediation in partnership with the Center for Civil Society Development in Durres and Municipality of Shijak.
Project Goal:

The project goal is to strengthen democracy at local level through encouraging citizen participation in monitoring processes and establishing an efficient monitoring system in the Municipality of Shijak.

Specific Objective No. 1: Increasing public awareness on citizen participation in local decision-making processes and building citizen trust towards local government;

Specific objective No. 2:  Building monitoring capacities through Local Observatories and influencing directly improvement of the quality of local public programs and respective outputs ;

 Specific objective No. 3: Improving the level of public transparency, responsibility and accountability of Local Government in the effective use of public funds and reducing irregularities at local level

1. Mapping of stakeholders that will constitute the Local Observatory

2. Organising consultative meetings with public and non-public local stakeholders

3. Organising two public forums in the Municipality of Shijak

4. Designing a manual on the establishment of the “Local Observatory” in the Municipality of Shijak in accordance with the respective features of the area and following the consultations with the local government representatives and non-public stakeholders, namely CSOs and other interest groups

5. Establishment of the Local Observatory in the Municipality of Shijak and division of sub-working groups according to the monitoring area and category

6. Training of monitoring sub-groups of the Local Observatories, specifically: monitoring of the administrative capacity of the Municipality, monitoring of offered public services, monitoring of the local budget and monitoring of citizen participation

7. Designing the Work Plan of the Local Observatory defining tasks and responsibilities of each sub-working groups

8. Implementation of the Monitoring Work Plan of the Local Observatory in the Municipality of Shijak

9. Drafting of the monitoring report taking into consideration the inputs of each sub-working group of the Local Observatory

10. Organising a closing event in the Municipality of Shijak