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Capacity building for Kurbin area Local government structures

Training Workshops, April – June 2009

World Vision Albania contracts IDM to prepare the curricula and to deliver 24 training workshops on PR & participatory governance. The Institute for Democracy and Mediation was selected by the World Vision Albania (WVA), among many other competitors under the Call launched by this organization, to prepare the curricula for and to deliver a total of 24 training workshops with Kurbin area municipal / commune councils and local government administration on Participatory Planning, Budgeting and Monitoring, and on Public Relations.

IDM proposal under this Call was designed in accordance with the terms of reference, with the purpose to assist the consolidation of capacities and skills of local government authorities in Lac, Mamurras and Milot to work together towards an open, transparent, inclusive and accountable local governance system that is guided by the citizens’ needs and concerns.

During the period April – June 2009, IDM team with the support of WVA Kurbin Programme has successfully delivered 24 training workshops conducted in two components. The first component was “Participatory planning, budgeting and monitoring” with representatives of the target groups. The end of the second component: Public Relations and Communication, was followed by a series of follow up activities of IDM trainers and the target group representatives.