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Call for Production of Promotional Video | STAR III

Terms of Reference

Production of a promotional video produced in the framework of the Component “Expanding standard knowledge of integrity planning at the local level” of the STAR3 Project.



The Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme, is implementing the project “Expanding standard knowledge of integrity planning at the local level” in the framework of the “Sustaining and Advancing Local Governance Reform“, STAR 3 Project. The project aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of local governance in absorbing and internalizing integrity as a practice of preventing corruptive and non-ethical actions.

For the purpose of increasing the visibility of the project and awareness of the stakeholder, the project aim creating a comprehensive promotional video that documents the entire implementation process of the product. This video will highlight essential elements such as the lessons learned throughout the project, the tangible outputs produced, and the staff of some target municipalities involved. It will also feature the perspectives of employees who participated in drafting integrity plans and the subsequent monitoring of their implementation. The video aims to capture the successes and challenges encountered during the project by including interviews with stakeholders and participants. The video will serve as a key promotional tool, demonstrating the impact and importance of the project’s integrity plans and their monitoring.

This video is produced in the framework of the Component “Expanding standard knowledge of integrity planning at the local level” of the STAR3 Project “Sustaining and advancing local governance reform”.


The service provider will be working closely with IDM Project Team in carrying out this assignment. The service providers will have to complete the following tasks:

  • Perform short interviews with the participants and stakeholders;
  • Prepare and develop interview questions.
  • Develop the video concept in consultation with the project team (script writing, videography, editing, audio balancing, sub-titling, format exporting, etc.).
  • Include appropriate project branding and crediting for the produced videos.
  • Provide regular progress updates to the IDM Project Team.
  • Actively seek and incorporate feedback throughout the production process
  • The service providers shall use their own HD-quality video camera and professional editing software.


  • At least five years track record in video production projects and a portfolio of similar works.
  • Quality of technical specifications of equipment for producing quality videos.
  • Experience in post-production processes (includes editing, assembling, voice over recording, etc).
  • Expertise in multimedia production, motion graphics animation.
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and flexibility

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

The service provider expressly assigns to IDM any copyright arising from the works produced while executing the assignment.

The service provider may not use, reproduce, or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce, or disseminate such works without prior consent from the IDM.


The service providers are expected to deliver 1 (one) promotional video within 30 June 2024.


The remuneration fee will be in line with the budget forecast for this activity line.

Criteria for Selection

IDM will evaluate proposals based on:

  • Expert CV and/or company experience – 30%
  • Technical specifications – 35%
  • Financial proposal-35%

How to Apply

Interested bidders should submit their proposals, including technical specifications Annex 1, financial offer Annex 2, a signed copy of the IDM code of conduct, and an expert’s CV and/or company experience to [email protected] no later than 14 June 2024.

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