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Anti-corruption instruments for Central Government and Local Government Units | 2020

In order to contribute to the strengthening of public institutions integrity, IDM has developed the Integrity Risk Assessment Methodology for the Central Government[1] approved by MoJ Order no. 333 dated 07.10.2020. This is a mandatory anti-corruption instrument which is implemented by central institutions aiming to draft an integrity plan.

This was preceded by the Integrity Risk Assessment Methodology for local government units[2], which was implemented in six municipalities of the country contributing to the establishment of the integrity management systems.

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[1] In the framework of the Project “Strengthening the Integrity of Central Government: Integrity Plan for the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Albania” supported by the ISDA Project.

[2] MVRINJVV was drafted in the framework of the Project “Strengthening Ethics and Integrity in Local Government”, with the UNDP assistance under the STAR2 project.

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