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Albanian public Opinion Perceptions: Personal, National and Regional Security Trends

Institute for Democracy and Mediation organized a round table discussion on “Albanian public Opinion Perceptions: Human, National and Regional Security Trends” at Rogner Hotel on December 13, 2013.

This event is part of the 3-year project on Security Research Forum Belgrade-Prishtina-Tirana between three partner organizations, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS), and the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM).

In September 2013, the three organizations conducted, in their respective countries, a public opinion survey on Serbian-Albanian relations in the context of personal safety, national security and security integration.

In this round table, IDM presented the key findings of the Albanian public opinion survey on the latest trends concerning citizens’ perceptions on:

  • Local and individual security trends
  • Trust in security sector institutions
  • External threats to national security
  • Security cooperation/relations with neighboring countries Serbia and Kosovo

This event gathered representatives from security sector institutions, representatives from civil society, academia, and media. The issues presented and the main findings discussed enhanced a constructive debate on the security trends of the Albanian public opinion.