Local Governance and Integrated Development

The Department of Local Governance and Integrated Development (LGID) aims at promoting civic participation in the local decision-making processes and at increasing the accountability of decision-making actors at local level. LGID has been working together with local government units across Albania to enhance their capacities to better interact with their communities as well as with civic structures so as to raise awareness about their role as key actors in sustainable local development.

The program area is designed to strengthen the civil society sector in Albania, to develop broad community-based partnerships and to build a safer community environment. LGID's work is mainly focused in IDM’s traditional areas of decentralization, capacity building of local governance, community empowerment and civic participation as well as integrated development, consisting mainly in the promotion of EU policies and instruments in the area of integrated rural and regional development under LEADER philosophy.

LGID main areas of focus:

  • Monitoring of Decentralization Processes
  • Improvement of Local Governance  Performance 
  • Rural and Regional Development
  • Gender and Development
  • Local Action Group
  • Community Empowerment and Civic Participation
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Territorial Employment Pacts


The present staff of the LGID consists of a group of four professionals who collaborate with the associate pool of experts in the abovementioned areas.


Sotiraq Hroni – Acting Head of LGID Department


Orsiola Kurti - Project Manager


Shefqet Bruka Shefqet Bruka – Senior Expert, Local Government and Economic Development


 Marsida Çela (MA)  – Project Manager



  • Elfrida Domnori (MA)
  • Blendi Gerdoci (PhD)
  • Etleva Dashi (PhD)
  • Zyhdi Teqja
  • Fation Dragoshi (MA)