Addressing the Challenges for Paving the Future to Regional Confidence Building

Departament:  CESA When:  Monday, 1 March, 2004 to Saturday, 30 April, 2005 Project Description:  Partners: Forum for Ethnic Relation (Belgrade), Kosovo Action for Civil Initiative (Kosovo/UNMIK), Centre for Tolerance and Dialogue (Podgorica) and Euro-Balkan Institute (Skopje) Area: Albania, Kosovo/UNMIK, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia Donor: Balkan Trust for Democracy, Kosovo Foundation for …

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For an active community in governance

Departament: LGID When: Monday, 1 July, 2002 to Sunday, 11 August, 2002 Project Description:  Area: Albania Donor: Royal Norwegian Embassy IDM conducted a survey of public opinion about citizen’s participation in governance and decision-making and public perceptions about the local government. Two questionnaires were distributed to structured samples of citizens …

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Developing Grass Root Democracy

Departament:  LGID When:  Saturday, 1 June, 2002 to Saturday, 31 May, 2003 Project Description:  Area: Bajram Curri, Laç Donors: US Embassy; EIDHR program of the European Union delegation Through public meetings in three neighborhoods of Bajram Curri and other three in Lac, IDM, supported by the respective municipalities, encouraged a …

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Social Welfare – A challenge of our times

Conference – Tirana, November 2001  This one-day conference aimed at encouraging and strengthening faith-based groups in assisting the revitalization of values that which motivate social and civil action. Participants were leaders of religious communities, representatives of State Committee on Cults, representatives of the political parties, members of parliament, members of …

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Forum of Candidates

Departament:  LGID When:  Monday, 1 May, 2000 to Tuesday, 31 October, 2000 Project Description:  Area: Nine municipalities in Albania Donor: Embassy of Untied States, The Royal Norwegian Embassy, British Embassy Because of its novelty in the Albanian political culture and the impact, this project remains one of the symbols for …

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