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Monitoring the Activity of the Parliamentary Committee of European Integration and Parliamentary Committee of National Security

23 September 2011 – Hotel “Rogner Europa Park”
The work of the Albanian Parliamentary Committees on European Integration and on National Security during January – June 2011 have been in the focus of an IDM monitoring initiative, aiming to contribute towards greater accountability, transparency and efficiency of parliamentary scrutiny and performance.
In this framework IDM launched the findings of the monitoring in a press conference organized in Hotel Rogner Europa Park. The monitoring has analyzed the performance of both parliamentary committees by focusing particularly on the comprehensiveness of parliamentary scrutiny, proactive engagement of MPs, formal procedures, cooperation with the Executive and involvement of civil society and other non-state actors in hearings etc.
Based on the findings of this monitoring process, experts of IDM Centre for European & Security Affairs have prepared two Monitoring Brief documents revealing concrete information and evidence on the performance of each parliamentary committee, along with recommendations aiming to improve overall parliamentary scrutiny and transparency.