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Women Economic Cluster Business Plan

The business plan is the output of a long process of discussions, research and analysis conducted with the participation of group members. This plan is founded on the development of an entrepreneurship that improves competitiveness of group members’ farms, reduces processing costs, and significantly improves access to market for the products.

The investment plan focuses in the construction of a multifunctional warehouse that will address the members’ needs for conservation and processing of some of their major products.The warehouse is planned to be equipped with some simple devices for the processing of aromatic-medicinal plants and packaging of fruits.

This facility is also planned to be equipped with a refrigerating room for the cold conservation of apples, cherries, and other fruits. Some major activities, including the following, may be carried out in this multifunctional warehouse:

  1. Cleansing, drying, selection, packaging, etc., for most crops;
  2. Cold conservation for vegetables, fruits, milk, and long-term conservation for some fruits, such as apples;
  3. Other activities related with transportation from farm to warehouse and elsewhere in some cases.