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Understanding Civic and Faith-Based Education in Albania

Duration:  1 January, 2011 – ongoing

Funded by the Embassy of the United States of America in Tirana, Albania

Project Description: In the course of the seven years of its activity, this project has made an important contribution to promoting and fostering civic and religious values, religious tolerance and understanding in Albania. It has also encouraged and supported concrete efforts to establish cooperation between local stakeholders, including public and non-public educational institutions, religious communities, local authorities, civil society, media, etc.

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Focusing on universal and civic values as well as on the remarkable contributions by both, educational community and religious communities on a local and national level, all the activities have helped provide the ground for cooperation and active participation in civic-oriented activities addressing issues of importance to the local communities.

The project has increased awareness on the importance of concrete civic actions in promoting harmony, understanding, tolerance and diversity.

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The main goals of this project were to develop and strengthen the level of cooperation with partner public and civil society institutions, to affirm the active participation of religious community schools in the framework of current institutional developments, to develop students’ civic knowledge and skills to engage in civic education projects of interest to their communities and develop public policies which address and seek to solve community problems.