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The Municipality of Elbasan approves the new regulation and the inter-institutional plan ‘On the Organization and functioning of the Local Council for Public Safety’

In March 2022, the Municipal Council of Elbasan approved the new regulation ‘On the Organization and functioning of the Local Public Safety Council’, which reflects the new dynamics in the functioning of this structure during the last two years.

The new experience is based on strengthening the partnership of institutions at the local level, in particular that of the Municipality-Police-Prosecution.

Their communication with other local institutions and interest groups, schools, teachers, students, parents, the business community, religious communities, civil society, community structures, village councils, and liaisons in other cities is the most important element.

This horizontal partnership of institutions with citizens is at the core of the local multi-stakeholder plan which is drafted, approved, evaluated, and continuously reviewed in interaction with citizens.

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LPSC regulation approved – Elbasan Municipality

Multi-actor plan against crime – Elbasan Municipality