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Study Trip: Extension Education and Rural Development Curriculum

 07-10 October 2012 – Wageningen, Netherlands 

Representatives of Local Governance and Integrated Development within IDM, Mr. Enea Hoti and Ms. Orsiola Kurti participated in the study trip on extension education and rural development curriculum in Wageningen, Netherlands during 07-10 October. This study trip was organized by Wageningen University as one of the partners under the project Western Balkan Rural Extension Network through Curriculum Reform.

The main aim of the study trip was to observe best practices in extension education and rural development curriculum, teaching methodologies at Wageningen UR and rural diversification and learning regions projects in the Netherlands.

Institute for Democracy and Mediation is an implementing partner together with the Agricultural University of Tirana, University of Korca and AAA NGO.

The project funded by the Tempus IV Programme of European Union addresses the deficiency and need for rural development curriculum reform in the Western Balkan region through the training, development and implementation of rural development programs following two streams: formal and non-formal rural development education. Within the framework of these two streams, the project objectives include: (1) to develop and improve the competencies of current non-formal education professionals, who will work alongside EU experts to create and deliver non-formal, modular based trainings to stakeholders in rural development, (2) to introduce an interdisciplinary, ECTS compliant Certificate in Rural Development program at lead Western Balkan Higher Education Institutions (State University of Tetovo, University of Novi Sad, University of Banja Luka and Agriculture University of Tirana), (3) to establish Center for Rural Extension at lead Western Balkan Higher Education institutions which support CRD program and non formal education activities, (4) to increase regional cooperation in rural development and extension/outreach within the Western Balkan Rural Extension Network.

Currently, Agricultural University of Tirana and University of Korca are offering professional accredited masters in rural development. Centers of rural extension have been established. IDM and AAA are in the process of preparation for starting the non-formal training courses for Albanian extensionists.