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Strengthening Intelligence Oversight in Western Balkans

International Conference – December 2nd 2011 – The Clingendael Institute – Hague – Netherlands

IDM senior researcher Arjan Dyrmishi, participated in the International Conference “Strengthening Intelligence Oversight in Western Balkans” organized by the Clingendael Institute in Hague. This conference aimed at contributing to cross-national learning between states as well as to the identification of good practices of intelligence oversight. The event was part of the project on strengthening intelligence governance, while the focus of this conference was on the Western Balkans. Nevertheless , this project is relevant to wider processes of security sector reform in transition and post-conflict states.

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The objective of the workshop was to discuss the main issues, challenges and options for strengthening democratic and civilian oversight of security and intelligence services in the Western Balkans.

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This should, in turn, contribute to ensuring accountability, and respect for the rule of law and human rights in the work of these services.

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Participants will be asked to reflect on:

  • Relevant international standards and good practices on intelligence governance;
  • Progress and pitfalls in adopting and adapting such standards in the Western Balkans and transition states more generally;
  • Strategies for overcoming ongoing challenges to the development and consolidation of legal and institutional frameworks for intelligence governance in this region and beyond.