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Regional Conference: Promoting Security Strategies and Emerging Policy Priorities in SEE

 3 – 5 December 2012 – Zagreb

The Regional Centre for Security Cooperation (RACVIAC) Rakitje, Zagreb, organized the Conference titled: “Promoting Security Strategies and Emerging Policy Priorities in SEE”. It was organized as a three-day event, from 03 to 05 December 2012, gathering a total of 51 participants: senior decision-making officials and experts from the relevant ministries dealing with the event topic.

They were representatives of the contributing countries from the SEE region, as well as representatives of NATO HQ Brussels, UNDP Mission in Croatia, OSCE from Vienna, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, Centre for Peace Studies from Zagreb, Institute for Democracy and Mediation from Albania, professors from the Universities of Skopje and Zagreb, etc.

The event aimed to contribute to a more cohesive and effective international and regional security cooperation in responding to global threats and challenges. The Conference comprised speeches and presentations delivered by the representatives of the above-mentioned institutions, as well as national presentations, exchange of views and experiences and open discussions.

Mr. Foto Duro from the Institute for Democracy and Mediation, Tirana (AL), delivered the presentation entitled “The National Security Strategy of Albania in a Regional Security Context”.

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Mr. Duro informed the participants about the National Security Strategies (Regional and Albanian Documents) the definition and some most characteristic security strategy features. Subsequently, he presented some security issues in the SEE region, as well as threat and risk perceptions.

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Afterwards, he made a comparison between national security strategies and other strategic documents and concluded with the main points from the Albanian National Security Strategy.

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