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Professional Organisational Growth for Institute of Romani Culture in Albania for Utilizing EU Accession Perspectives for Roma Inclusion

Duration: October 2013 – Otober 2014
Project Description: 

General objective:

This project aims to provide professional organizational growth for Institute of Romani Culture in Albania and to equip its staff with a set of skills and competences that can be used to connect and utilize EU accession perspectives for Albania with their in work in the promotion, advocacy, policy development and service provision for Roma communities in Albania.

Specific Objectives:

  • To design training curricula and deliver training modules based on the EU enlargement agenda for Albania and the needs identified by both organizations
  • To provide on the job coaching and mentoring support for developing EU funded project proposals
  • To create opportunities for IRCA to network and partner with EU and Western Balkan CSOs through IDM‘s networks


A.  Training and capacity building program on

1. EU Project Cycle Management

2. Advocacy and lobbying

3. Fundraising

4. NGO Management

5. Strategic Planning

6. Human Resource Management

7. EU Financial management and administration

8. Cooperation and networking

B.  Technical expertise in the form of coaching and mentoring in the development of EU project proposals and organization of a lobbying and advocacy campaign.

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C.  Joint staff retreat for a long-term strategic planning