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Preventing religious radicalism among youth

radical pic 1Institute for Democracy and Mediation organized three multi-stakeholder forums in Pogradec, Elbasan and Kukes in framework of project “Preventing religious radicalism among youth”.

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The aim of these informing and discussing forums was to encourage joint and coordinated actions among local state and non-state actors at preventing religious radicalism and violent extremism particularly among youth.radical pic 3

The participants have welcomed the forums and expressed high interest in prevention of violent extremism.

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An important component of the forums organized in Elbasan and Kukes relates to the participation of National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, Sander Lleshi. The aim of his presentation was to inform participants about the National Strategy against Violent Extremism and its Action Plan.

radical pic 2Mr. Lleshi explained the general objectives of the national Strategy and praised the organization of the forum as an important step which is in l  ine with the national action plan as well.

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Furthermore, Mr. Lleshi described three main components in which relies the National Action Plan: a) Launching of a discussing process about religions (in context of religious culture) among high schools. B) Enhancing effort to fight against social inequalities. C) Building communication bridges among different religious communities in Albania.