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Presentation of Monitoring Report regarding the Action Plan against Corruption

 December 19, 2011

The Institute for Democracy and Mediation in cooperation with the Open Society Foundation in Albania presented the main findings of the monitoring of the implementation of Anti-Corruption Action Plan for four key institutions: Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice and the State Police.

Based on the monitoring, of a total of 73% specific actions foreseen to be addressed from these institutions, only 59% have been fulfilled.

Ministry of Justice has the poorest performance with only 40% of the actions addressed, while the State Police has the best performance with 80 % of the actions fulfilled.

According to the results of the monitoring process, 27% of the total actions from these institutions have been ‘partly addressed’, 7% are ‘not at all addressed’ and for 7% the monitoring has not been conducted due to the difficulties to assess their implementation, or lack of information provided.

Generally the monitored institutions have positively responded to the requests for cooperation in the framework of this monitoring, despite the fact that in practice, the expert group has faced the ‘closed doors policy’.

The tendency to report only positive achievements in the framework of the Action Plan for the Fight against Corruption has dominated official information while the verification of the official information provided by official sources.

Other problems revealed include: lack of deadlines for addressing these actions, lack of financial details and impact in the budget, inter-institutional cooperation etc.

The  monitoring process was conducted by civil society organizations experts during 2011. In accordance with the new structure and approach of the Mid-Term Action Plan in the fight against corruption, the monitoring will be extended in other sectors as well.